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Corporate Event Photo Booth

Get Your Attendees Talking About Your Event For Months With A Corporate Event Photo Booth

As a corporate event planner, you know how important it is to provide your guests with an event that they won't soon forget. It can be hard to come up with fresh and new ideas time after time, especially if you plan events regularly. You don't just want your guests to enjoy their time at the event - you want to create a lasting memory that will make them think not only of you but of your company.



You've probably been inundated with swag from corporate events, and you know that it usually gets thrown away or tossed in a drawer. Your guests don't need another stress ball or t-shirt. Do something new and different for your event, that your guests will want to show off to their friends. A corporate event photo booth can provide your guests with a perfect souvenir from your event to tack up on their desk or even on their fridge at home. Their coworkers or family will see how much fun they had at your corporate event, and your company's name will be passed around in a way you never imagined possible.



When you're choosing a photobooth company, you'll want to make sure you're getting deals for an affordable photo booth. A photobooth company many rent out their affordable photo booth by the hour, or they may offer a standard rate for a full day of use. Some companies charge per photo printed, while others give a flat rate for complete use of the affordable photo booth. When you're working with a photobooth company, be sure that you understand the terms of use so that you don't get hit with any surprise charges.



When you're setting up your event, consider a prime placement area for your affordable photo booth. You may not want to place the booth near the entrance, as guests are likely to want to walk in and look for someone they know. Many guests will see the photo booth and think that they'd like to stop by later, and then forget. A central location is best for a photobooth. As you circulate amongst your guests, encourage them to take pictures, and be willing to be in the picture with them. It's a great idea to ask your guests to snap pictures of their printed photo booth photos with their phones, and then upload the image to social media using a hashtag. This is fun for your guests, and it's free publicity for you and your company.



A corporate event photo booth is a great way to create a memorable event for your guests. Don't forget to check in with your photobooth company if you want to provide your guests with props, as many companies are happy to provide these upon request.

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